Get Your Roof Repaired Right Away

Get Your Roof Repaired Right Away

Schedule reliable roof repair services in Kirkwood, MO today

Don't panic if your roof was damaged during a storm. Mansfield Roofing and Exteriors provides roof repair and replacement services to homeowners in the Kirkwood, MO area.

If a storm wreaks havoc on your roof, we'll guide you through the process of filing your roof insurance claim. We'll inspect your roof, work directly with your insurance adjuster, help you file your claim and make sure your roof repair expenses are covered.

Keep these helpful tips in mind if your roof is damaged by a storm:

  • Look for damage immediately after the storm is over
  • Contact your insurance company to find out what your policy covers
  • Choose a roofing contractor with insurance expertise

Our roof repair services extend beyond repairing storm damage. We can repair buckling shingles, replace faulty insulation, remove ponding water and more.

Hire us to perform preventive maintenance on your roof throughout the year. We'll make sure your roof remains in top-notch condition year-round.

5 signs it's time to replace your roof

Mansfield Roofing and Exteriors does roof replacement and repair work in Kirkwood, MO and surrounding areas. A damaged roof can lead to costly water damage, insect infestations and even personal injury. You should replace your roof if:

  1. It's over 20 years old
  2. It has curling and buckling shingles
  3. It's missing entire sections of shingles
  4. You see granules in the gutters
  5. It's noticeably sagging

Contact us today to discuss your roof replacement needs.